Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions

London Stock Exchange is a premier source of high quality UK corporate action information.

Our Corporate Action products cover London-listed instruments, including SETSqx, AIM, IOB and Registered Bonds. We cover around 50 corporate action types ranging from cash dividends to rights issues and complex company schemes. We deliver this online through the Corporate Events Diary (CED) and data feeds tailored to your requirements.

Corporate Events Diary

The CED is an online calendar tool, designed to provide a single point to access diarised corporate action events. As well as enabling subscribers to process information more effectively, the CED also helps avoid expensive repercussions that stem from missing or misinterpreting a corporate action.

Exclusive to the Exchange, SSNs are prepared daily by our experienced team of analysts and regularly updated. SSNs have been created by the Exchange for over 30 years – they summarise critical corporate action information from source in a clear and concise format within hours of announcement. SSNs cover:

Corporate Events Diary Plus

Corporate Events Diary Plus provides all the key dividend data and SSNs that our customers have come to expect but now with enhanced functionality. Portfolio feeds and email alerts provide even clearer and tailored information.

ISO15022 Corporate Actions Service

Corporate Actions can be received in the ISO15022 MT564 message format either by SWIFT or FTP delivery, as well as in a flat file format.

The product delivers UK corporate actions in near real-time throughout the operational day over the SWIFT network, using the MT564 Corporate Actions Notification messages.

Corporate Action Event Reference (COAF)

Additionally, we will commence allocation of the Official Corporate Action Event Reference (COAF) after being appointed by the National Market Practice Group as best placed to provide COAF for the UK Market

COAF is the official and unique reference assigned by an appointed entity within each national market at the beginning of a corporate action event. The COAF is globally adopted as the standard for corporate action identification and provides recognition that we are considered the primary source of UK corporate actions data.

Click on the links below to access the COAF files:

Daily COAF file

Historical COAF file