The Group is committed to delivering the highest standards in boardroom practice and financial transparency through:

  • Clear and open communications with investors
  • Maintaining accurate financial records which transparently and honestly reflect the financial position of our business
  • Endeavouring to maximise shareholder returns
  • Fostering an open, co-operative relationship with our regulators.

A comprehensive programme of investor relations activity ensures appropriate contact with institutional and private shareholders.

Regular updates on trading and financial results enable various stakeholders to understand performance and prospects for the Group.

The Annual General Meeting is held in central London and is the principal opportunity for private shareholders to meet directors and management of the company and put questions to the Board.

An extensive report on the Group’s Governance is contained in the Group’s Annual Report and Accounts.

The Governance section includes composition of the Group Board, the Chairman’s report on Corporate Governance and our compliance with the UK Corporate Governance code, reports from the Audit and Risk Committee and the Remuneration Committee, and the Directors’ report for the most recent financial year.

For further information on our approach to governance, please refer to our Group Sustainability Report, pages 35-40.